Science and consciousness rooted in aspirational chemistry

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Modern, chemical R&D is a journey of discovery and a decisive agent of positive change that helps transform the textile industry.

Environmental consciousness requires maniacal attention to product safety and to the environmental impact of manufacturing operations.

The combination of modern, chemical R&D and environmental consciousness is known, within RUDOLF, as aspirational chemistry, a guiding light for the industry that describes our efforts and our responsibility.


Textile functionality is ensured through renewable raw materials that are neither chemically nor genetically modified and that are not competing as food, feed or fuel.

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RUDOLF pioneers a new path: the upcycling of post-consumer, disposable and non-returnable beverage PET plastic bottles into valuable textile chemistry.

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RUDOLF seeks renewed relationships and dialogues to help turning eco-challenges into financial benefits.

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One of the fundamentals of BETTER CHEMISTRY is collaboration. Product innovations, technical improvements, product ennobling, new aesthetics and performance, solid environmental R&D projects and marketing programs developed in partnership within the textile and adjacent industries. It's about traveling together. Collaborating and growing with the only purpose of creating win-wins in the arena of ethical textile and fashion and in the name of love for quality. In partnership with our customers, we elaborate tailor-made, customer-oriented technical and marketing tools that support specific objectives. This includes, for example, designing marketing assets for tradeshows and promotional campaigns. Our marketing team as well as decades of experience in the field of textiles promotion can be available to you!


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