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Environment and Economics have their own logics

The years 2020’s show things can change fast. A reshaping of global supply and energy markets has begun.

Given the way things are going, this isn’t temporary: It is a permanent energy and supply shock.The industry must find solutions to survive and grow. Eco-optimization and cost savings are vital to modern manufacturing.Environmental issues and financial struggles can be solved through the application of the same LOGIC. RUDOLF seeks renewed relationships and dialogues to help turning eco-challenges into financial benefits.

Eco-optimisation of resources through scientific logic


The 2-steps calibrating approach the planet and our customers need

What’s the environmental footprint of your process?

RUDOLF ECO-LOGIC PLATFORM is a comprehensive procedure for the simulation and measurement of the environmental impact of a given industrial textile process.

How much can you save?

RUDOLF ECO-LOGIC PLATFORM was designed and is managed by RUDOLF’s specialists in textile process chemistry. It provides insights to the optimization of resources, costs and CO2 emissions


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