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Technologies and solutions for textile hygiene and freshness

The indisputable experience RUDOLF has gained in the field of antimicrobial treatments for textile comes from the problem solving of complex situations in professional applications where performance is of paramount importance.

Nowadays, the demand for quality textiles that meet consumers’ desires for comfort and freshness has been increasing well beyond professional applications and within sports-, outdoor and casual wear. RUDOLF capitalizes on its scientific knowledge and extends its tremendous know-how to all textile markets. All RUDOLF technologies and solutions for antimicrobial control and reduction of unpleasant body odors are grouped under the brand PRISTINE®.


From continuous R&D efforts, the most performing, durable finishes for the protection of textiles from mildew and bacteria. Bodily humidity and warmth are ideal conditions for a large growth of microorganisms. PRISTINE® PRO highly durable treatments protect textiles from the multiplication of microorganisms. That is textile hygiene and freshness that typically lasts for the lifetime of a garment. Specific anti-bacterial/anti-fungal tests are to be carried out on treated articles. Any product claim must comply with local regulations.


Engineered to comply with a wide spectrum of international regulations, PRISTINE® LIFE technologies deliver emotional comfort. Non-biocidal products designed to effectively control unpleasant body odors that stick to the garments and lead to frequent washing of cloths. Through sophisticated technologies, PRISTINE® LIFE products eliminate the odors, keep the garment fresh and reduce the need for frequent washing. Feeling good everywhere and at any time. It is recommended to carry out specific odor-reduction tests on treated articles (e.g. ISO 17299-3).


Targeting the smallest, anti-viral treatments for the protection of textiles. PRISTINE® V is about antimicrobial treatments that reduce the viral load in a treated textile (compared with the untreated), according to the test method ISO 18184:2019. Specific anti-viral tests are to be carried out on treated articles. Any product claim must comply with local regulations.

Wear more, wash less

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While PRISTINE® products focus on delivering specific antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, they also provide a sustainable finish that allows for extended wearing of garments between washes. Approximately 840m domestic washing machines are in use worldwide. That means roughly 19bln m3 water/year and greenhouse gas emissions of about 62 million tons of CO2-eq.

PRISTINE® technologies challenge domestic washing as the most water-demanding phase in the lifecycle of clothing and addresses the opportunity for reduced washing frequency.

The world is better chemistry

RUDOLF defines the conscious chemical ingredients for hygiene and freshness solutions of today. And for the one of tomorrow.