Car care chemicals

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RUDOLF is constantly striving to generate a beneficial impact on our environment in providing solutions to increase optical and functional durability in the automotive sector.

Thanks to our deep knowledge with 100 years of experience in finding chemical solutions for our customers, we are proud to present our latest portfolio for vehicle maintenance. The car care portfolio is the optimal synergy between protection and appeal and offers a wide range of tailor-made specialities for interior and exterior use as well as for wash applications in the car care industry.




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Car care chemicals

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Car Wash

Soil, dust and persistent insect's stains are efficiently removed from the bodywork by using RUCO® car wash additives for a clean and brilliant look of paints and glass surfaces. Our rinse aids enable beading and/or sheeting, ultrafast drying times after the washing process and significantly reduce spotting on the paint. This protection creates an attractive gloss and helps to extend the lifetime of the paintwork and preserves its emotional and resale value.


Acid rain, tree sap, UV light and much more are constantly challenging the bodywork, its paints and glass surfaces. Humidity penetrates the bodywork through tiny scratches in the paint and enables rusting over the years. A brilliant gloss and recovery of intensity of the paint work can be achieved with our polishing additives by eliminating water marks, weathered paint layers and fine micro scratches. RUCO® additives help to protect and strengthen the paint by building up a strong and long-lasting sealant against physical damages. Outstanding water repellency can be achieved by application of RUCO® spray waxes, which reduced corrosion risk. Water repellent agents for convertible roofs ensure a dry and comfortable interior over years of constant weathering.


With the RUCO® additives we are able to offer solutions for care, protection and a brand-new look alike for all kind of interior materials from textile, leather, wood, plastic and glass. Our products are used as re-impregnation agents, gloss improving agents, colour intensifiers and anti-fog agents.

Tyre care

Dust and dirt accumulate on the surface of tyres from the very first meters of driving. A brand-new tyre look can be achieved by our RUCO® additives, which creates a brilliant shine and a deep black colour. RUCO® additives for product formulations guarantee weather resistant finishing without attracting dirt.

The world is better chemistry

RUDOLF defines the conscious chemical ingredients for the car care industry of today. And for the one of tomorrow.