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Construction Chemicals by RUDOLF

The beauty and strength of the buildings we create make us proud.

RUDOLF contributes to such achievements with technologies that help buildings better stand the test of time. Building and chemistry have gone together since there were only caves and mud huts as dwellings.

Powerful applications


For the construction industry

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Better surface protection

Impregnation agents for surface protection that shield buildings and constructions from the forces of nature and that prevent important damages.

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Better dry-mix additives

Dry mix additives for mineral materials, instrumental to meet the strict performance requirements.

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Better coating additives

Additives for architectural, industrial and special coatings applications for various surfaces to improve appearance, corrosion, adhesion and scratch resistance.

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Better paint additives

Paint additives to extend the life and performance of exterior paints.

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The world is better chemistry

RUDOLF defines the conscious chemical ingredients for the construction industry of today. And for the one of tomorrow.