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High performance coating systems including additives are crucial for building protection. Due to their pore and capillary structure, mineral substrates absorb moisture, when they get in contact with water.

Hence, due to absorbed water, pollutants and microorganisms penetrate the building’s structure and cause further damage. Using high performance coating systems, such as paints and plasters, may prevent these effects. RUDOLF additives impart special properties, such as water repellency, increase of early water resistance, maintenance or even improvement of water vapour permeability and improved processability to the most different coating systems.

Providing a large product range of additives, RUDOLF helps to protect the building’s exterior against weather.hydrophobizing additives and some special additives.




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Key applications


Paint additives

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Silicone resin binders and water repellent additives

RUDOLF offers water-repellent additives, that provide optimum protection. Silicone resin binders for paints and plasters as well as silicone hydrophobizing additives for the most diverse types of coatings increase water repellency and maintain or even improve water vapour permeability.

Rheological additives for paints and plasters

Guar ethers serve as thickeners, stabilisers and water retention agents. Xanthan gums are highly effective and thixotropic rheology additives in order to improve the performance of paints and plasters.


Preservatives lead to a longer shelf life of paints or protect cured coatings from infestation by algae and fungi. The use of biocides in the field of paints and coatings is essentially based on two aspects: The first aspect involves the preservation of liquid paints, especially of water based coating systems, in order to guarantee a longer shelf life. This concerns the so-called in-can preservation of the coating material. The second application of biocides is dry film preservation to protect the cured coating against microbiological attack by algae and fungi.

Open time extender

When painting large surfaces, it is important that the paint has a long open time. This term describes how long a paint remains wet and thus workable. The extended open time gives the user of the product more time to achieve perfect homogeneity of the painted wall and avoid the appearance of unwanted painting marks.

Functional additives

The requirements for modern coatings are constantly increasing. RUDOLF offers various functional additives providing different features, such as a stable adjustment of pH value, a reduction of formaldehyde content in the room air and the prevention of discolouration by water-soluble tannins.


Foam formation during production and application of architectural paints and coatings is a well-known problem. The requirements for good defoamers in this area are manifold. Additives must be well compatible, as broadly applicable as possible and of course safely prevent foam formation.

The world is better chemistry

RUDOLF defines the conscious chemical ingredients for the construction industry of today. And for the one of tomorrow.