According to article 9 (2) (BPR) only registered biocidal substances may be used. The biocidal substances belonging to product type (PT) 9, “Protective agents for fibres, leathers, rubber or polymerised materials“, which are used in our products, are currently undergoing an examination programme for existing active substances of the BPR. You will find these substances in the “List of participants and applicants whose dossiers are being examined under Regulation (EC) No. 1451/2007”.

The products and their respective biocidal substances are listed in the table below:

For products containing these biocidal substances the current national legal provisions will be valid until ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) has evaluated them. When these active substances of the product type PT 9 will be evaluated is currently not foreseeable, but is expected to take place in a few years only. Then too, RUDOLF GmbH Geretsried will ensure the conformity of the above-mentioned biocidal substances with the BPR.

As from 1 September 2013, textiles which are finished with a biocide will have to be labelled accordingly. This means that the following information (in the respective language of the country, where the goods are to be sold) will have to be firmly fixed to the goods (e.g. with a RUDOLF label):

  1. A declaration stating that the treated goods contain biocides;
  2. Note: The article label must contain this declaration. The SILVERPLUS® or RUCO®-BAC labels are biocidal co-labels, which do not contain this declaration. However, if you cannot include this declaration on the actual article label, it is possible to mention it on the SILVERPLUS® or RUCO®-BAC labels and to personalise them with the customer‘s logo. Please contact us in these cases.
  3. Information on the antimicrobial protective finish of goods treated with it;
  4. Naming all biocidal substances present;
  5. Naming all nanomaterials contained in the treated goods, followed by the word “nano“ in brackets. Note: Not applicable for RUCO®-BAC products.

Example of a personalized label: